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The For Goodness Sake Music team was formed to help parents and teachers explain Biblical concepts to children of all ages. We try to keep our material fun, relevant to kids’ every day lives, and developmentally age-appropriate. It is our goal to provide music and poems that children will want to listen to on a regular basis so that they can learn Biblical concepts through repetition. We also wrote the music with the parents in mind. We realize that if your child is going to listen to something on a regular basis, that you will probably be forced to do the same. Although this music is intended to impact children, we find that adults can appreciate the professional quality of the tracks. Not only do we want the children to learn these lessons, but we also want to challenge them to apply this newfound knowledge to their every day lives. This is done through fun games, activities, and what we call “hero challenges.” These challenges teach that any kid can be heroic with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Fruits of the Spirit, I See a Tree CD is our first project under this label. We decided to start with the fruit of the Spirit because we feel that these concepts are very important to a child’s spiritual foundation. It is our plan to create a CD for each fruit of the Spirit, so keep your eyes open for more CDs along the way.

Our team consists of a child and family development graduate, who has been doing youth ministry and leading worship for 7 years; two professional musicians, who have been writing and performing music for children and adults over 30 years; a young creative guitar professional who has been leading worship for 2 years; and an art director who has worked on numerous Hollywood films such as the Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter series. He’s the one who has brought all of the fruit characters to life. We have also been working with doctors in child and family development to make sure our content is relevant and effective. If you have any more questions about us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to get to know you as well.


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